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Snapdragon storytellers

A Snapdragon Story

For some reason snapdragons like to grow wild in the yard… from the sidewalk to rock beds, even outside my studio window!

Daisy Days painting

Daisy Days

Warm summer days and time that seems to stand still… that’s what daisies remind me of.

Tulip Sunshine

Tulip Sunshine

Is it possible to capture sunlight in a tulip? Because that’s what it felt like these were doing…

Why I Paint / A sense of Calm

The last time you viewed a painting that really captured your gaze… how did it affect you??

Why I Paint / Spreading Joy

Spreading joy is one of the ‘big three’ reasons I create.  It plays a part in every lively stroke and uplifting colour that I choose.

On the Trail

With friends, enjoying fresh air and sunshine and having a total nature break

Leafy Sky II

Why do we feel so much better after spending time outdoors?

Trouble with pink

Had a situation in the studio last week. Pink was not my friend… so this is what happened!

Trail View

Incredible peace, the sounds of nature, and a view like no other.


A creek opens up to a waterfall at the foot of the mountains

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