Hey, I’m Theresa.

At a young age I discovered art was my thing, and I’ve been creating ever since.

By 12 years old, I had taken my first painting class and I’ll never forget it. I knew in my heart that art would play a big role in my life.

Whenever I tapped in to my artistic side, I felt connected and energized… truly limitless.

Over the years, those feelings never faded. In fact, they’ve only increased. The more I learn, the more I create, the more passionate I get about art and expression.

This passion is what fuels my desire to share with others and spread joy through doing what I love.

Check out my blog if you’re an artist or aspiring artist. Otherwise, head over to the Home and Shop pages to see what’s up.

Thanks for stopping by!

Get in touch at hello@theresa-edwards.com

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