Hey there! I’m Theresa and I’m a little obsessed with colour. I love to play with it in my paintings, adding texture and line when the mood strikes. My thirst for knowledge has kept me ever-evolving as an artist.

Why do I paint?

To be honest, when I took my first painting class at age 12 and started mashing big gobs of paint together, I felt a deep joy and excitement I had never felt before.

Knowing I could mix those colours together and lay them down in my own unique way was the creative outlet I desired. The creamy consistency of the paint, the primed surface ready to go, the infinite possibilities of what I could do next – it simply made me happy.

When I make art, I lose track of time. I get into a focused state that just happens when we are immersed in something we love to do.

I pour joy into each and every painting. I believe each piece becomes a conduit of positive energy that I then get to share with the world.

My current series showcases the beauty of Western Canada from my experience as a hiker. Trekking into the woods and surrounding myself in nature has always been a wonderful way to get grounded, find peace and immerse in it’s sheer awesomeness.

I’m an observer. My paintings reflect moments that capture or intrigue me – rocks along the path, the texture of bark, the light falling on trees.

I share these moments in hopes that you experience the same joy and excitement that I did immersed in the elements of nature, as well as covered in paint in the studio.

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