Now Showing / Our Okanagan

Four artists express a love of the local landscape
through distinctly different painting styles

Featured on the 1st and 7th floors of the Kelowna Innovation Centre
View the exhibit until the end of June 2021

NEW “Handpicked” Collection

Irresistible flowers that attract little hands, big hearts
and first gifts for mom

What collectors are saying...

“You have brought sunshine into my home with your happy sunflowers. The colors make me dream of being in the garden and staring up at the yellow flowers against a crisp blue sky. I absolutely love my piece!!!”

Kim B – Louisiana, USA

“My painting greets me each morning as I drink my coffee and catch up with the world online. It is a happy reminder of the sun and the sky and being outdoors. It is a glimpse into the possibilities that await. I love my painting.”

Leslie M – California, USA

“Thank you for the 2 paintings “Waiting for the Rain & Peggy’s Cove Light House” We love your color selections and how you put your unique interpretation in the painting.”

Patrick & Carmelle D – BC, Canada

“I have loved your artwork ever since I first saw it. I’m so thrilled to have a piece in my home! I love the bold, whimsical colors and brushstrokes in your paintings.”

Anne D – Texas, USA

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