Paintings meant to add joy and peace to your world

Florals filled with color & movement
Landscapes immersed with calm connection

The local landscape here in British Columbia, Canada
offers an incredible amount of inspiration and balancing energy.
In the studio, I translate that inspiration into rich color and vibrant strokes
to convey a feeling of being there.

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What collectors are saying

“I’ve loved your artwork ever since I first saw it.
I’m so thrilled to have a piece in my home! I love the bold, whimsical colors and brushstrokes in your paintings.”

Anne D – Texas, USA

“Thank you for the 2 paintings “Waiting for the Rain & Peggy’s Cove Light House” We love your color selections and how you put your unique interpretation in the painting.”

Patrick & Carmelle D – BC, Canada

“You have brought sunshine into my home with your happy sunflowers. The colors make me dream of being in the garden and staring up at the yellow flowers against a crisp blue sky. I absolutely love my piece!!!”

Kim B – Louisiana, USA

“My painting greets me each morning as I drink my coffee and catch up with the world online. It is a happy reminder of the sun and the sky and being outdoors. It is a glimpse into the possibilities that await.
I love my painting.”

Leslie M – California, USA

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