Snapdragon storytellers

Snapdragon Story“, acrylic on canvas, 12×12”

For some reason snapdragons like to grow wild in my yard…

They grow from cracks in the sidewalk and from rock beds – there’s even one outside my studio window – it’s the first thing I see looking out!

Snapdragons remind me of my grandfather.

There’s a well-known photo in our family, of my grandpa showing me how snapdragons work. I’m about 3 or 4 years old and he’s showing how to pinch the sides to get them to open up.

The photo was snapped on a summer’s day at my aunt and uncle’s wedding – I’m in a pretty peach dress and he’s in a silver grey suit (rare for him).

Holding my flower basket in one hand, he’s pinching a snapdragon with the other, and I’m following along.

It’s one of those special moments, especially since he passed a couple of years later.

Now every time I see snapdragons I’m reminded of him. It’s funny how they’ve made a home in my yard, growing freely and spreading goodness…

They’re welcome here any time.

– Theresa

The painting at top is part of the Floral Wonders collection – click here to see all of the paintings.

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