Personalize your home with a painting made just for you

Choose the exact size that fits your wall

I offer two types of commissions:

A painting from your photo

Maybe it’s the mountain scene that’s been on your mind since your last hike. Or the dramatic canyons from vacation. Or your favorite flowers or garden plants that you wish would last longer!

A painting from a painting

Using one of my previous paintings as inspiration, we look at changes to composition, size or color to create something unique to you.

A limited number of commissions are accepted
between collections.

I am currently booked until end of November 2021.
Get in touch for next available start dates.

Each painting is created with care

I use professional acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas (1.5″ depth),
finished with varnish to last many years.

What I paint:

Loose and colorful landscapes and florals

• Everyday objects and scenes

• Animal or people portraits

(max two faces per painting, additional fee for more)

What I don’t paint:

• In a style other than my own

• Exact copies of past work

• Copyrighted photos

For this piece, “Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse”, my collector asked for a lighthouse you’d find on the coast of Nova Scotia.


Part of his family is from the area and he has great memories visiting and enjoying the relaxed lifestyle of historic Canada.

“What size painting fits my wall?”

Great question! Here’s what works in most cases:

Above furniture

2/3 – 3/4 the width of the furniture. Height of painting is flexible but may be limited with tall furniture. Remember to leave 6-12″ space between the furniture and artwork.

Small to medium walls

1/2 – 3/4 the width of the wall. Height is flexible.

Large walls

Consider whether it will be viewed from up close or far away:

For walls viewed at a distance, go large. Multiple pieces can be hung to fill a wall – use the painter’s tape preview (below) to see what appeals to you. Small to medium sized paintings are good for walls viewed up close such as narrow hallways.

Go bigger than you think

It’s easy to under estimate what can comfortably fit. Paintings that are too small can create a slightly barren look. Try going a little larger than you think – use the painter’s tape preview method.

Test the size on your wall
with painters tape

  1. Get a tape measure and blue or green painter’s tape. Measure out the size of painting and tape an outline on the wall. Try to make the middle of the painting eye level (over tall furniture use 6-12″ between painting and furniture).
  2. Stand back and see how it looks
    (you can add kraft or wrapping paper to fill the space for easier visualizing)
  3. Too big? Too small? Move the tape to where the size feels right. Leave the room for awhile and see how it feels when you walk back in with fresh eyes.
  4. Measure final width and height and use that for your custom commission.
  5. Remove the tape!
This painting captures my collector’s favourite poppy that she photographed on a holiday trip to a botanical garden.


It’s not a flower she gets to see often and wanted to enjoy its beautiful colors every day in her home.


Prices are in Canadian dollars.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin commission. The balance of 50% plus shipping is due upon completion and approval of final painting.

Artwork is shipped from Canada. A shipping estimate can be provided ahead of time. International clients are responsible for customs/fees that may apply in their country (please look up fees for your country)

Size / Price (CAD)*
48×60″ / $5495 24×36″ / $2045
30×60″ / $3895 18×36″ / $1685
36×48″ / $3875 24×24″ / $1545
36×36″ / $2795 18×24″ / $1345
30×40″ / $2575 16×20″ / $1145
30×30″ / $2145 12×12″ / $595

(*other sizes available / prices may change without notice)

This one started with photos that my collector’s partner had taken of his guitar by the lake. He was retiring from teaching and his family and friends all wanted to get him something special.


After a sketch and a few emails, this is what emerged.


He was teary when he opened it… or in his words “must have been some plant pollen in my eyes”.

Ready to get started?

How to Commission a Painting

You’ll need:

– a google account to sign in
– the size of painting (or an estimate)
– orientation – horizontal, vertical or square
– 1-3 photos (taken by you) of what you’d like painted
– details of how you envision your painting to look and feel when it’s complete
– optional – links to paintings of Theresa’s that you’d like your piece inspired by

If you don’t have a google account, please email the details above along with your name, country and postal or zip code.

  • I will send you an email on next steps and available start dates. Details are discussed until I feel I have a clear idea of your vision for the artwork.
  • Sign artwork agreement & pay 50% deposit (payable by Paypal or credit card). Due to the individuality of commissions, the deposit is non-refundable.
  • Painting begins and is completed within 4-6 weeks. Preliminary sketch or paint study will be emailed for approval before beginning large pieces.
  • Painting is completed – I send photos and you give final approval or minor edits. Extensive edits (as judged by the artist) are subject to a 15% additional fee.
  • Pay 50% balance plus shipping.
  • Painting is varnished and ships to you!

Your painting will arrive ready-to-hang

The image wraps around the sides of the canvas for a finished look.
Hang it… sit back & enjoy!

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