Why Sunflowers?

I've always had an attraction to sunflowers. As a kid, they seemed rare and mysterious... 

There weren’t many growing in our neighbourhood. I was mesmerized by their size and wondered how they could stay standing as I stared straight up at heavy blooms swaying in the breeze.

I would ride my bike, stopping whenever I spotted some. I'd think "Interesting people live here". They'd have to, right? Sunflowers are so unique, I'd expect those who love them, to be as well.

Now as an adult, I spend even more time taking in all the tiny details of misshapen blooms and teetering stems.

Something I love about sunflowers is as they get older, they shift into the most interesting shapes - bundles of dry and wilted petals and leaves, absolutely dripping with character.

Perfect Day (sunflowers) - sitting-area
Truth be told, I didn’t plan to paint sunflowers. They kind of chose me.

I would notice them on walks. And when I say notice, I mean they'd stop me in my tracks. Every time. They captivate me to where I cannot step away. Each summer I take more and more pictures. And each year, more appear in my path - literally on every block near my home.

It's funny because every time I say I'm about to paint something else, I stumble upon the most intriguing garden of sunflowers - leaning over an aged white picket fence. I couldn’t ignore them if I tried! 

Earthy - sunflower painting
sides of sunflower paintings
They're a bright spot filled with joy, that I can't help but share!

So my big question was - how can I take a mess of leaves and stalks and withering blooms and show their beauty as I see it? How can I shine light on what resonates deeply, but that others may not notice?

With energetic strokes, I focus on fresh yellows plus the colors of the season, as new and old become part of a greater whole.

They compliment each other beautifully, showing off the cycle of life, with something to appreciate at every stage.

My favourites are the older ones... captivating my eyes with their shriveled petals, pointed leaves and colors of decay.  And like a kid, I cannot stop staring.

~ Theresa

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