Improve Your Observational Skills with these 4 Sketching Techniques

I like to use these techniques as warm up exercises when I begin a drawing session. They’re great ways to loosen up and where I really begin to observe what’s in front of me, before diving into the serious stuff.

4 Ways to Break Through a Creative Block

All of us artists experience a creative block at some point. Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, why not try these creative block-busting methods?

The Starving Artist Myth

The idea of the starving artist is not exclusive to artists, but often includes many of an artist’s closest friends, family members and even community partners and supporters.

Stepping Past Fear – Monsters Under the Bed

You can probably remember a time when monsters under the bed was a very real fear at bedtime. The ritual of brushing teeth, getting pajamas on, getting tucked in (maybe as tight as a bug in a rug) and finally having the light switched off.

Re-purpose Your Art

Have you ever made a cool piece of art that originally started as a practice piece… you like it, but aren’t quite sure what to do with it?

Foiled by Theresa Edwards

Loosen Up & Surprise Yourself

Scribble, dribble and scrawl your way around the page! Try something you’re not used to – make a whole drawing without lifting your pencil from the paper.

Love Blooms by Theresa Edwards

Love Blooms with Tar Gel, Acrylics & Ink

So I got up today and couldn’t wait to get into my studio to conjure up a little something for my cousin’s wedding. Her and her fiancee have been together for awhile, and are a fantastic fit for each other!

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