“Leafy Sky II”, acrylic on canvas, 8×8″, © Theresa Edwards

Why do we feel so much better after spending time outdoors?

Aside from the fresh air and exercise, I believe that we have a strong connection to the natural world.

When venturing out I like to shut off my mind and yes, my phone (an artist can’t leave home without her camera!).

And focus completely on the surroundings… the warmth of the sun, the breeze in the air, the details of the earth as I walk.

Oh, and did I mention the light on the hills, the sounds of the wildlife, leaves on the trees, rocks jutting out at the sides of the trail… I could go on 🙂

Spending time in places that feed us in positive ways is incredibly healing to the soul.

Maybe that’s why so many of us feel the pull to be in nature more often.

This connection is what moved me to create the Hiker’s Journey collection – small moments from the trail that inspired paint to canvas.

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