As an artist, I realize I have the innate ability to lift spirits through my work.

Breaking heavy times with moments of joy can help us carry on. It can help us see hope and light in the world. And sometimes it can even help us heal.

Spreading joy is one of the ‘big three’ reasons I create.  It plays a part in every lively stroke and every uplifting colour that I choose.

When I pause from painting and step back for a look, I often find myself saying, “Is this joyful enough? Can I add MORE?”

The coolest thing is the amount of ‘happy’ a piece projects has nothing to do with it’s size.

The sunflowers above, just 6×6″, have gotten a ton of love online with people literally telling me how joyful they are (yay!)

So I will continue to paint more ‘littles’, as well as a couple of larger florals, which’ll be available in the coming weeks.

Next I’ll be talking about the second big feeling I like to convey through my work… any guesses?

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