[August 17, 2021]

It’s smoky outside and I’m trying to stay focused on painting.

The Okanagan is in the midst of record dryness. We are used to dry summers and hot weather in Jul-Aug… sunshine, beaches and wineries are what bring tons of tourists every year.

But this year we experienced a heat dome – in June – that brought extreme temps up to 45 degrees Celcius (114 Farenheit).

The region became extremely dry about a month earlier than usual. That, paired with less rain in spring has created a haven for wild fires.

The reason I mention is because it’s affecting us. Not only are communities being evacuated, but the air has been smoky for weeks.
West Kelowna - Aug.15, 2021

It’s hard to stay absorbed in paintings that celebrate the land, knowing it’s burning outside.

That said, the British Columbia landscape is truly a gem. And maybe this is the perfect time to appreciate it.

Hillsides of pines, gorgeous mountains, scenic valleys, lakes, waterfalls, you name it – there’s so much incredible beauty here.

It’s a place of solace, a home for wildlife, and it’s life-giving for us all.

My current paintings are inspired by the hills that surround Kelowna, with bright blue skies overhead.

If you follow my art, you must be nature lover too.

Please keep cool weather and rain in your thoughts for us… and safe-keeping for our firefighters, they are working so hard!

My paintings at the Square Foot Show went quickly so I’m working on four more Okanagan trail paintings, available the third week of August, 2021.
Join my insiders circle for early access.

Looking forward to sharing some joyful landscapes with you!

~ Theresa

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