“Red Bark” (above) is one painting I’ll be bringing to the show

ArtWalk introduces its new ‘Plein Air Experience’

Self-guided tour of art / September 11, 2021

This year, Lake Country ArtWalk is happening outdoors – the show has been reinvented to keep everyone safe.

Enjoy artwork by myself and 38 artists at twelve different locations, plus the “plein air” element where you can watch as each artist creates.

Artists can use urban or nature scenes around them as the subject of their artwork to paint, draw, sculpt, stitch or whatever their art-making process is.

En plein air is a French term for “outdoors”. It’s often used to describe artists who paint or create in the open air.

This practice has been observed for centuries, and by the likes of famous artists such as Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. In their day, snapping a photo and taking it into the studio wasn’t exactly quick and easy… so artists would set up directly in front of a scene to paint it.

Knox Mountain Sage

Although everyone seems to have a camera tucked in their pocket now, some artists still prefer plein air. Photographs are no match for the real life detail and rich colours that a trained artist can see.

I like to use bold strokes and vibrant colours to interpret my surroundings to emulate uplifting and peaceful feelings.
If you’re wondering why I’m so focused (or obsessed) with painting the Okanagan… it’s because on the trail calm energy washes over and I feel so much balance and peace.

My paintings are meant to inspire those feelings in you as well.

Find my art and come watch me paint in front of George Elliot Secondary School, or GESS on the map.

ArtWalk’s self-guided tour covers twelve destinations throughout Lake Country from parks to wineries and more.

Download or print the map so you can plan your trip and find your favourites. Spend the day catching up on new art and watching as we create.

The show happens Saturday, September 11 from 10 AM to 6 PM.

See you there!

~ Theresa

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