Is any artist immune to the dreaded ‘creative block’?

I don’t think so… to this day I haven’t met a single one. So if this is your reality right now, know that you’re not alone – we all go through this at some point!

Good news is, because so many people have experienced a creative shutdown at one time or another, we’re all-kinds-of-aware of the things that can bring us back into flow again.

Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike (you could be waiting a long time)… be proactive!

1. Write

Did you know that ‘pen to paper’ writing is a classic way to get the creative juices flowing? So just sit down and start writing… it doesn’t matter what. It can be anything. You’re goal is to get that ink onto the page!

(Typing on your keyboard isn’t the same – the physical act of writing activates the brain in it’s own way)

Not to mention that writing in and of itself is a creative outlet. Doing this gets you into creative flow by doing a creative thing! (even if it isn’t your main thing)

Once things begin to flow, see where it takes you… or switch back to the medium you use and love.

2. Move

Move yo’ body! Anything from going for a walk or riding your bike to sweeping the walkway will do. It doesn’t have to be hard, just some form of physical movement.

Get yourself out of the house or away from your studio or creative space. A change of scenery helps your brain focus on new things.

You may find that within 5 minutes, new ideas are already popping into your head. Get back to creating as soon as the urge strikes.

Other times it may take longer – but my experience has been that after changing my surroundings, ideas start to pop and I can’t get home soon enough.

3. Try a New Medium

Creating in a medium we’re not used to removes expectations we tend to put on ourselves. We get to explore, experiment and learn.

It opens us up to POSSIBILITY… where our creativity can emerge.

If you find yourself getting into creative flow in a new medium, this can trigger new ideas for your regular practice.

I hit a major creative block in my painting practice a few years ago and ended up stepping away to take up pottery (and check that baby off my bucket list :))

So after a couple of classes, I was off and running. Every spare evening was spent in studio, hand-building mugs and bowls.

No expectations? Check
Limited knowledge and resources? Check
Permission to play? Double Check

I began to experiment… called on my creative side and stretched it in all kinds of directions. This sparked a bunch of new ideas for my painting practice, and I couldn’t wait to get back to it!

4. Just Show Up

If you’re a painter, go to your studio and put some paint on your canvas. Move it around… use your brush, your hand, your spatula, it doesn’t matter.

Remember, NO EXPECTATIONS. Spray it with water. Let it drip. Rotate your canvas. Put another color on.

Doing simple actions can trigger an idea. And if it does, it’ll probably hit you like a brick and you’ll want to get started right away.

For other artists, this idea could translate to moving your pencil on the page. Scribble. Let natural rhythm and movement take over.

If an idea emerges, or starts to form on paper, just go with it. Sooner or later you may get the urge to draw something more tangible. Continue drawing while that flow is happening!

If you think you’ve hit the mother of all creative blocks, give these a try.

And if things still aren’t flowing, find something else you enjoy – photography, singing, playing an instrument, cooking, dancing…

One of ’em is your golden ticket to getting things going!

I’d love to hear from you… what’s your go-to for reviving those creative juices?

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