Category: A Hiker’s Journey

On the Trail

With friends, enjoying fresh air and sunshine and having a total nature break

Leafy Sky II

Why do we feel so much better after spending time outdoors?

Trail View

Incredible peace, the sounds of nature, and a view like no other.


A creek opens up to a waterfall at the foot of the mountains

Afternoon Light

It was summer on the mountain and the light was so inviting.

Spring Meadow

The sun shone brightly and the yellows and oranges of wildflowers beamed across the hillside.

Lake View

The light was streaming down onto the field and lake as we gazed down from among the trees.

Birch Trail (SOLD)

The first few steps onto a trail are like a breath of fresh air mixed with immediate relaxation in absorbing the natural surroundings.

Alpine Hillside

A Canadian mountain landscape tucked between the Okanagan Valley and Monashee Mountains in beautiful British Columbia.

Purple Pines

Being in the presence of earthy mountain pines is worth slowing down for.

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